RR Ranch has quickly become one of the premiere breeding ranches in the country. In 2011 RR Ranch purchased Texas Semen rights for X-Factor and Maxbo Stranger. X-Factor scored a whopping 572" at 4 years old and is one of the hottest deer in the industry. Stranger is primed to be the next Super Sire. He is a Hardcore son out of O2, Maxbo Danger and Ranger's dam. This is the type of breeding that changes not only programs but the entire industry.

RR Ranch along with Antler Ranch and Mossy Rock Ranch broke all auction records at Nadefa Conference by purchasing 50% partnership in Billy Sage's DIRTY DOZEN. This lot of 12 consisted of the top pedigreed bucks in the industry and will be a powerful group of breeder bucks for years to come. These deer consist of the best genetics ever produced from the north and the south. Look out for these guys in 2012.

RR Ranch picked up the Texas Semen Rights in 2012 to Lil Bear. This incredible buck is 411" at 4 years old and has a 34.5" inside spread with a 44.5" outside spread. His base measurements are an incredible 8.5". He has proven to be a producer as most of his yearlings were over 23" wide and most scored over 150" with several over 200". He has a Geronimo/BJ pedigree. We are selling MALE SEXED SEMEN for producing monster stocker bucks as well as regular semen for your breeing program. Once you see this deer you will be astounded at his frame and width. Lil Bear won the Bronze award for Best Non-Typical at Nadefa. Here is your chance to put width, mass and frame into your program.

RR Ranch will be limiting the amount of semen and bred doe to Stranger in 2012. We will also be offering a limited amount of semen from the DIRTY DOZEN. Don't miss the chance to own a deer or utililze semen that can start, restart or simply improve your herd in just one breeding season!

The RR Ranch Herd sires are also quickly becoming well known in the industry. Rais'n Cain is a Gladiator/Avalanche 3 year old breeder. He scored an incredible 283″ at 3 years old in hard horn. He has 29″ main beams, 42″ of mass, 11″ G1′s, 13″ G2′s, 13″ G3′s, 8″ G4′s, 6″ G5′s and a great 24″ inside spread.

PowerTrip, another 3 year old herd sire, is one of the prettiest deer in our breeding program. He scores 262″ in hard horn and has a Max/Buford lineage that many breeders desire. He has 28″ main beams, 48″ of mass, 7″ G1′s, 11″ G2′s, 13″ G3′s, 9″ G4′s and a 7″ G5. Even though he has 40″ of non-typical tines, he has the typical look the breeding industry seems to be reverting back to.

Don't miss a chance to put some of these great deer in your program as semen, does and fawns will be limited.

We appreciate the support from all of our valued customers and are proud that you continue to come back year over year. This gives us the satisfaction that we are helping to assist in your breeding program needs.
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